Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Homes

How soon can we get you a home?
The timeline for delivering you a home, takes six to seven months. COVID-19 may cause additional delays.
Where can we put one of our modular homes?
Anywhere you can build a home, you can put a factory built home.
Do we offer a turnkey solution?
No, but we deliver and setup your home on site. The steps you are required to do yourself include: acquiring a permit from your municipality, getting a contractor to set down a foundation, and getting utility setups hooked up.
Can our homes be customized?
We have homes from two manufacturers, and our Canadian built homes are much more flexible to customization.
Are these homes mortgageable?
Yes, through a bank or broker.
Are these three season homes?
No, we offer units that are rated for year round living.
Do the homes come with appliances?
Yes. Our homes come with a fridge, oven, dishwasher, and microwave.
What is a granny flat?
A granny flat is a second dwelling on a property for a senior or person with a disability.
How long is the setup time?
The setup time is two days for our mini homes and two to three weeks for our bungalows, depending on the complexity of the plan.
Do I need a permit?
Yes, you will need a permit from the municipality. All structures greater than 100 square feet in Ontario require them.
Is there a warranty?
We offer a one year manufacturers warranty on our homes.
What is the home buyers HST rebate?

It is a rebate to get a portion of the HST back after the purchase of a new home.

Click here for links to the forms

Guide for how to claim the rebates:

  • RC4028 GST/HST New Housing Rebate

Forms for just a home rebate:

  • GST190 New Housing Rebate Application for Houses Purchased from a Builder
  • RC7190-WS GST190 Calculation Worksheet
  • RC7190-ON, GST190 Ontario Rebate Schedule

Forms for a home rebate plus other related costs:

  • GST191 GST/HST New Housing Rebate Application for Owner-Built Houses
  • GST191-WS Construction Summary Worksheet
  • RC7191-ON, GST191 Ontario Rebate Schedule

Site Questions

What kind of foundation does the home need?
Depending on the municipality, or the ground conditions there are a variety of options. These options include: granular gravel pads, concrete pads, crawlspaces, or basements.
Do we do site visits.
Yes, we will evaluate your site to determine how we can best deliver your home.

Office Trailers

Do the office trailers have heating/cooling?
Yes, our rental trailers have baseboard heat and a wall mounted A/C unit.
Can I live in an office trailer?
No, they are for temporary construction site use.
What is SB10?
It is a more permanent unit that has features to meet code. These features include: a stronger structure, higher insulation, and meeting firecode.
Can I move a unit I am renting?
No, you can't move the unit yourself.

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